Monday, July 1, 2013

Vintage Bronx Zoo--New York, New York

Records Program History - weekly field photo

Zoo's used to serve a dual purpose of conservation, education as well as Natural History Museum.   Then dead, mounted animal heads and hides became offensive to the public.   The world class Head and Horns Collection of the Bronx Zoo is now housed at the Buffalo Bill Museum.   Incredible how the world's perception has changed........  From wanting to be educated, to telling the educator's how to do it.


Anonymous said...

In the 80's I worked for a private zoo west of Sydney and he had a similar wall but without an elephant. He even had Giant Panda on the floor. As I hadn't seen many taxidermy collections by that stage of my life, I was amazed. There was even a hippo head mount on the wall.
Cheers ay

Wade G. Burck said...

I am a "horn/head" mount man myself. I have a number of quite impressive Caribou, Elk and Mule deer mount's. The last thing my ex-wife said to me as I walked out the door was, "and take your dead animal's with you!!!!!!!!" ;) It's incredible the insane reaction people have to seeing taxidermy mounted animals.
Be safe, mate


Anonymous said...

Wade: I found information on the internet yesterday concerning the birth of 3 tiger cubs in Fairfield, California, on May 24, 1975 from Raja & Sheba (Tony's parents). I think this litter would probably have included Obie, the orange female who was paired with Ranjit, the pure-Bengal white tiger from the National Zoo. I looked back to where we were discussing Baron Julius Von Uhl's tigers, and the 3 white cubs born at Kingdom's 3 in the Summer of 1977. Take care. Sincerely Paul

Unknown said...

What a cute blog!
We recently became circus girls as well and feel very inspired by your posts!

Love from Europe,

Birdy and Bambi