Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My, How Thing's Have Changed..........

This photograph, from the book "Wonderful London" published by The Educational Book Co. Ltd, London in 1929 is captioned, 'One of the signs of our civilization, a well-stocked zoological gardens to delight the curious. '  Oddly, now the animal rights nitwit's claim we are uncivilized if we have 'a well-stocked zoological gardens to delight the curious,' and for God's sake, more importantly, don't ride those poor, poor elephants.

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RMadeira said...

Dear Wade G Burck, Thank you for your amazing posts. I would like to make contact with you regarding the Longleat Safari pictures you have on your blog. I am contacting you from BBC TV and I would very much appreciate speaking with you about my interest in the pictures and its potential use.
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Many thanks,
Rita Madeira