Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Menagerie Frank Bostock--Pete Taylor

Year Unknown.  I did not realize until today that Pete Taylor, mentor to the great Clyde Beatty, was with Frank Bostock's Menagerie.  I get ill when I look at those wonderful twisted willow whip's, that are now all but impossible to come by. 


By 1923 Clyde was working small mixed groups of big cats, hyenas and bears to start 42 uninterrupted seasons in the steel arena. He was strictly a circus man, but has been incorrectly described as a big-game hunter. In 1925, on the Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus, trainer Pete Taylor suffered a physical collapse, and young Clyde took over the big mixed lion-and-tiger act of 25 animals that became the signature of his career.

Also in 1923, Beatty met Peter Taylor, a great cat trainer, to whom Beatty later credited his own showmanship. This was the beginning of 42 continuous seasons of Beatty working as a wild animal trainer. 
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Bandwagon, July 1965



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