Sunday, December 9, 2012

Los Cabestro Translated--Halter or Headstall

Google translated from Spanish:

A curious specimen of fauna metril is the halter. The halter entity only when accompanied by at least another of the same species and notes especially when organized in packs.Like its namesake in the famous bullfighting bulls (beef meek that usually takes cowbell and guides in toradas), the underground Halter usually conducted with the simple instinct to overwhelm all that is ahead and to the sides. Do not worry if a child, elderly, pregnant or is maimed knight, only push and overwhelm. It is an advantage that even if it has no horns ram into, because then the result would be greater damage. Sure, as the halter is endowed mostly with sore and great and dirty backpack can cause injury guarded prognosis.The herd of oxen usually make an appearance after the touch of the whistle when the subway car doors are closing. The halter leader, or alpha ox, introduces the forehead with his front paws and prying so you can spend the rest of the pack. As this occurs, the remaining passengers panicked look, trying to escape the path without success and paradoxically suffer the fierce onslaught of the meek.

A toro being led out of the plaza by the Cabestros, after earning an indulto(pardon) for excellence and superiority.


Darryl said...

Wade, this is very interesting stuff. Thanks for posting.

mireille said...

Los... Videos .. son.... muy buenos...Gracias... Et...Merci...Bien...