Friday, November 23, 2012

Fighting Bulls My Fantasy Herd

BULLS OF THE BREED NÚÑEZExemplary elipométricos, brevilineal and predominantly straight and subcóncavos profiles. In general, these cattle plywood, low needles, cut sheet, wide chest, deep, round, thin-skinned, stocky with a distinctive appearance. They are among the few finest Parladé derived from, but not become so much as those of Domecq.His head has the characteristic inverted trapezoidal and wide temples. The eyes are large and lively, but lacks the look usually aggressive look. Washed faces abound and the nose is usually rather wide. They also highlight the encornaduras that are thin from the strain, fairly long and featured pythons. Often in high positions are inserted (cornialtos), presenting all kinds of encornaduras in their direction and angled abounding horned animals, and crossed acapachados.The neck is rather long, though often not apparent when leaving the bull into the ring, so that the copies seem almost always a little "mounted". But after the third beam begin to unhook and become the crutch on the morphological conditions appropriate to humiliate, especially if the punishment is applied sticks a little forward. The boulder is well developed and the dewlap is quite perceptible, badanudos copies abounding.The topline is usually saddled, chest wide and deep. They rounded rump, with the tail stalk slightly prominent short limbs and strong.Dominated by black dots, red in all its variety, and roasted chestnuts, also giving Cardenas and ensabanadas. Sardinian and salineras appear occasionally and very rarely can get to be some berrendas in black and red. The most significant accidental accompanying such coats are the bar, blasting, Giron, splashing, the Entrepelado, birdseye, bociblanco and washing and is very typical in the particular form of white spots (bragado, Meano, lucero, fronted, knitter and tailed).Among these features, the specimens derived Villamarta line tend to be higher, longer, and thinner than galgueños from Rincon. Also present greater encornaduras development, and abounding astiblancos astifinos copies.

COWS OF THE BREED MIURA Females from Miura correspond to a very unusual morphological prototype between current cattle bulls. His features largely the approach to ancient prototypes of the race and gives them an almost vestigial.As is the case with the mating male, cows observer miureñas offer many morphological characteristics, although not as striking as in the case of those.Perhaps the most curious aspect is the unexpected body size, than anyone imagines proportionally as large as the one worn by the bulls and yet does not correspond in direct proportion. In fact, Miura cows are plus size in relation to the whole race, but have a size similar to that of female cattle lines that reach even more body development can be overcome in some cases, as with those from the mating of Atanasio Fernandez.Overall Miura cows are fine and lively. Its head is elongated, subconcave profile and with eyes large and aggressive look. The nose is wide and gleaming. The encornaduras reach and well-developed. as occurs in the case of males, are thick at its base, although not as much as those. Are mixed as to the address below, and corniabiertas cornianchas predominate, most of them with the rear and insertion feature a very high position of the head.The neck is long and flexible, but much less bulky than the males and jowls development reaches a discreet. The topline is straight or slightly bent, wide rib cage in length and width, and the rump quite angular.The ventral line is not collected as the bulls having therefore have less than males galgueño aspect. Furthermore limbs are thin and rather long, giving them a considerable height. The tail is also thin, long and provided with numerous bristles borlón long wavy.Udders are globular aspect and an average size for the entire race, being generally good brooders.The skin is very thin coats while present in the herd and accidental that accompany them are the same that occur in males, representing equally varied and colorful mosaic that characterizes the breed bulls.

'We all have "our thing."  Some people collect circus paraphernalia, while other play fantasy football.  I play fantasy cattle rancher to pass my time, and have long been fascinated with fighting bull's and their origins.  High on that list of fascination is the breeding of "colored" bulls with a certain "look."   After years of study pedigree's, chart's, reading ideals from older breeder, often having to muck through poor translations, such as above, and looking at centuries of pictures my "fantasy herd" would consist of Nunez bulls and Miura cows.   Female offspring from this cross would be bred exclusively to Lidia bulls, see above.  All animal breeding is a finger crossed crap shoot, and nothing count's until the babies are on the ground, then reach maturity, but in my mind this would give me the color as well as the type that I find attractive, impressive, and spectacular, along with an indomitable heart full of "no quit".'  

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