Friday, October 19, 2012

Jules Jacot

 Jules and Solomon  1964

Jules Jacot, 79-year-old lion trainer at the St. Louis Zoo, romps with a pair of his performers following announcement of his retirement Wednesday. Zoo officials have been concerned about Jacot's safety for several years and lions have bitten him the past two years. Jacot says with a shrug, "I get bit every year." He'll remain with the zoo as an adviser.  Jan.  15, 1970

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Jim A. said...

There was some up-start guy trying his hand with sea lions that had the audacity to take over the stage from Jacot.

Note the bars of the arena surrounded with plywood panels. In the winter the St. Louis Zoo cat arena was totally enclosed with just a few small "windows" for the assistant to view the trainer. The help couldn't even view what was going to come into the chute when they opened the door.