Sunday, October 14, 2012

Herta Klauser Cuneo

"The very best group of performing bears in the Western world" is no lie, or Roland Butler type publicity hype."  I never had the honor of seeing Filitov or Pallenberg so I have to take the word of folks who did that they were great.  But from my generation, of all the bear act's I ever saw, Herta's was without a doubt the best.   Naughton, Hall, Welde were/are all great indeed, but with the behaviors, the class, grace, and style with which Herta presented her act, they have all agreed that she was indeed the best.  What an honor it was for me to work with her and her bears.  Boo Boo, Teddy, Susie, Micha, Daisey, Pat, even wretched Julie :).  A "Ring of Famer" who is truly deserving.

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