Sunday, September 30, 2012

Unknown 1996


Rob said...

Katja Schumann ??

Anonymous said...

Suzzane Chipperfield?

gazrob said...

I'd agree with Rob, it's Katja, the ring fence looks like Big Apple, and the costume is as worn when she defended her High School title at the 7th Circus World Championships in London 1982. It's definitely not Suzanne.

Freiheitsdressur said...

This is Katja. I don't think this is Big Apple, and if it is, it was definitely not 1996-that was the second Big Apple Show I saw. At that point she was not traveling with any palominos. Gary, I wonder if this was from the championships? Looking at the lighting, I would assume this was from the 70's or 80's. Great photo!!

gazrob said...


If you look at the pic of Katja at the Championships on Wades' blog this shows the pic of the two palominos wasn't taken there. The pic with two palominos on this link: is from 1989, so you dated this about right.

Shirin Samiljan said...

I was there in 1989. This is Katja Schumann at the Big Apple Circus with her palomino Temudjin and Baja. Baja was retired just before the winter of 1989 leading into the 1989-1990 Grandma Goes West show. This costume was for the 1989 show, but the photo was used as a publicity still at the start of the 1990 run.