Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tennessee Walking Horse

I find it interesting that horse associations and trainers associations will suspend member's for rules infractions or abuse to a horse of their breed.  The seem to have been able to define "abuse" but for some reason the circus has not.  Nor does it have anything close to a trainers association which suspends members.  I suggest we quit "crying foul" and stop whining about betting pick on, and become a professional industry that polices itself, instead of protecting and endorsing those who obviously have "stepped over the line."  It might make for a rosier future.  Watch and listen to the two video's closely.   A noted veterinarian agreeing that the trainer in the undercover video was justifiably suspended by the trainers association.  Not the hot shot used on the horse at the end of the undercover video.  As yet no outcry of "doctored video".   


Anonymous said...

It's not just circus trainers who suffer for what the underbelly does

Wade G. Burck said...

It never has been, it's just tough to get them over their pity party to realize it, and do something useful to fix it, instead of making an insane public statement.