Thursday, August 16, 2012

For John Milton Herriott, Who Thinks You Should "Quit" When You Get To A Certain Age.

Pictured above is legendary torero Andrés Vázquez, 80 years old when he celebrated the 50th anniversary of his alternativa (a ceremony in which a novillero graduates to matador de toros ) on July 29, 2012, by being  awarded two cut ears and a tail.  That's about as good as you can hope to do.  I wonder if that is why he is "legendary."   It doesn't get much more chingon then Andrés Vázquez.


80 year old Andrés Vázquez July 29, 2012.  How old is too old?  With the exception of having to really "heave" for the astocata,  my hat is off to this gentleman.

 Andrés Vázquez in 1970 at his prime.

 Andrés Vázquez in 1970.  Because of his small stature, Andres had the uncanny ability to either pull a bull on it's knees or rear it up on it's hind legs.

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