Friday, August 24, 2012

Alabama High School Football

The game is Spanish Fort vs. Muscle Shoals
If you like high school football, tune in tonight at 8:00PM Eastern  7:00PM Central.  I am currently watching it in Mixquiqhuala, Mexico.  Sure a great break from 24 hour soccer.  :)   My son Taylor Burck is do the play by play.

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Wade G. Burck said...

Message to Taylor,

Man, Why do you have to watch injured players from the press box and try to keep us updated???? Before you sign a new contract, tell those nitwit's in corporate they need to provide you with a field reporter who can relay update's up to you. You also tell them you need a larger dressing room, and limo and driver to and from Crampton Bowl. Listen to me, son. Your in my game. Get your's now, before you get real big. Then you won't have to demand it anymore. It will become know as "incentives" and they will offer it gratefully, just to keep you happy.

I love you,