Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ringling Bros. 1954


Anonymous said...

End ring elephant acts waiting to go in. The presenters didn't get program credit but Arky Scott was superintendent, Vernon Duffy, George O'Connell, Jr. and Joseph Grassi were his assistants.

Hope this helps!
Happy 4th and God bless America!!!

Rick Faber

Wade G. Burck said...

Is Arkey Scott in any of these pictures? I sometimes feel like I am collecting baseball cards with Buckles, and I would like to see what he would trade me for an Arkey Scott? I would have to have at least a GGW and something else. Lou Regan, my mentor spoke very highly of Arkey


Bob Cline said...

I just thought I would tie this in to your elephant tab posts in that Arky closed his distinguished career at Jungleland.