Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pat Tillman

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The soldier in the photo is Pat Tillman ( an American soldier and former professional football player. Tillman turned down a high paying contract with the Arizona Cardinals to enlist with the army. Pat was killed on April 22nd, 2004 by friendly fire under questionable circumstances. Pat was somewhat critical of the war in Iraq, but was a true patriot and should be considered nothing less then a hero for his strength and resolve to do what he thought was right. Pat was also an Atheist.

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I agree 100% with Waylon Jenning's words below, "All the men, who couldn't fight, in a war that didn't seem right, you let them come home, America."   But, every draft dodger should have been made to stand in front of a Pat Tillman, looked him in the eye's and convinced him that they left because of their beliefs, and not that they were scared and afraid to die.  If they could not have convinced a Pat Tillman, without a doubt, that they left because of their beliefs, they should all have been locked up, and the key thrown away.  They deserved no more freedom or rights.

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