Sunday, June 17, 2012

Yeti--United States Air Force Academy

Class of 1975 "cutting up jackpots"

I handled Khap, a gyrkin, as a 3-degree and as a 2-degree. We also had a couple of gray gyrkins (they also come black and white, depending on latitude) that we weren't allowed to fly because they were confiscated evidence. Once the legal case fell through, another guy got to fly Khap at a game, my Firstie year. Summit, a tiercel, was the team star. Temujin, a tiercel I also handled, was one we had successfully bred (a first in history). "Gyrkin" is a male, and the female is called “gyrfalcon”. "Tiercel" (as opposed to "falcon") also indicates a male. It means "one third smaller" which the males are.

I was one of the 4 class falconers - and was the one that flew Summit in NY's Central Park for the TV stations. I also, lost Summit at Annapolis before the Navy game. He was caught by the police the next week and the Navy flew him to Peterson Field in an A-6. Made the front page of the paper . . . 

Banned by AOC of CS-33, but done anyway – inspired by CS-40 (who also had their own Ali Baba cheer), and CS-32, I think. One cadet (usually Colt Mefford in our squadron) would yell out the attitude check, and the rest of the squadron would respond when falling out. Colt was the best – we’d tell him that, while he served his cons after being written up for it every single time.

 Challenge: “Attitude Check!
Response: “This Place Sucks!”

Challenge: “Positive Attitude Check!”

Response: “This Place Positively Sucks!”

Challenge: “Dirty Attitude Check!”

 Response: “This F***ing Place Sucks!”

Challenge: “Mathematical Attitude Check!”

Response: “Given This Place, Prove That It Sucks!”

Challenge: “Existential Attitude Check!”

Response: “This Place Exists, Therefore It Sucks!”

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