Tuesday, June 19, 2012


 1918.   That looks like a Bact/Drom cross standing to the left



Micah said...

Interesting photo Wade. The camel with the rider looks to be a full Bactrian while the camel next to the wagon appears to be a F1 hybrid (Tuli). The other one appears to be a Bactrian in poor shape or possibly a F2 hybrid. Great set of photos today.

Micah Williams

Wade G. Burck said...

Thank you for using "Tuli," the correct name for a cross. I didn't want to ask and admit I couldn't recall the name, but to you I have now problem admitting that. :) The one on the left, has back leg's that looked suspect to me for a bactrain. I didn't see anything out of place in the camel next to the wagon. To pick your skilled brain, what physically about that animal caught your eye?
The show here in Mexico took delivery of 4 new young white dromedary two weeks ago, giving them a total of 8 white dromedary, and two white and two normal colored bactrian's. If you ever come up with any colored dromedary, that you are looking to move, I can put you in touch with the folks here. They are highly interested in some. Poncho Aguilar thinks camels are "beautiful", and with you and Glenn Sullivan, that make's three in the world. :)