Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Red Hartman--Hubert Castle Circus 1979

Red was quite a character, and much has been "jackpotted" about him over the years, including the loss of  two finger's to a Hawthorn bear.   The first time I ever saw him work, in 1976 on Hubert Castle Circus, he was in "the grapes" and when he bent over to roll two tigers over he fell to his knee's and couldn't get up.  Darndest thing I have ever seen in a cage.  But for all his faults, his was the only fighting act, with the exception of Pat Anthony's and Jose Barrada's that actually did something, other then bounce.   Tall, skinny drink of water, the last time I saw Red was when he came to visit me on the Ringling show in 1984, carrying an oxygen tank, which he set in my trailer so he could go outside and smoke a cigarette.........

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