Friday, June 22, 2012

Just Amazing!!! This is Something You Don't See Often, Done This Well.

This clip above is of course a "movie" and was edited.  The horse did not perform the movement for an hour.  The horse below, I believe when he was retired.  What an incredible athlete.  Does anyone know anything more about this remarkable animal?


arnold said...

Hey Wade, this is Bartabas from France with the horse he named his company after " Zingaro". Zingaro is a frysian horse.Zingaro died years ago but lives in the name of the company.
Hope this was what you wanted to know...
Love your blog by the way, my day starts with it.
Arnold, Netherlands

Wade G. Burck said...

Thank you for the information, and also the kind word's about the blog. Is this the same horse, do you know that starred in the 1993 movie, Mazeppa? I knew he was a Fresian, which made his incredible "softness" so amazing. I thought only Madame Col. Dianne Olds Rossi, had the skill to make a "luggy" Fresian that soft, supple, and responsive.