Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Internet Books--Poor Substitute For A Printed Original

This copperplate shows the funeral of the King of Tonquin (Vietnam)  1727

This copperplate shows the funeral procession for an Important Chinese person  1727

These copperplate's originate from "Naaukeurige beschryving der godtsdienst-plichten, kerk-zeden en gewoontens van alle volkeren der waereldt.", a Dutch edition or its French edition "Ceremonies et coutumes Religieuses" , by A. Moubach, 1727-1738 (French edition 1721-1725). An English edition called "Ceremonies and religious Rites of the various nations of the known world", was published in 1733. It was the most elaborate history of world religion published up to that time. The plates in this work were adapted by B. Picart and others from various sources including de Bry.

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