Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News 1900

"what a hunters paradise this country was when first discovered.  Somaliland for many years has been the fashion.  Soldiers from Aden and India found they could quickly run across from the Asiatic coast, and for a good many seasons guns and gunners have been hard at it.  The consequence is that the country has been a good deal shot out.  Elephants are scarce, rhinoceros are becoming so, and the sportsman of the present day has now to go farther and farther afield to find game in anything like abundance."

"Among the animals bagged by Mr. Peel were lion, leopard, Black rhinoceros, koodoo, lesser koodoo, Swayne's hartebeest, oryx, beisa, Grevy's zebra, Somali wild ass, gerenook(Waller's gazelle), various other gazelle's and many minor varieties of game.  ELEPHANTS THE AUTHOR NEVER SET EYES UPON; AND INDEED, THESE ANIMALS ARE NOW GROWING EXTREMELY RARE IN THESE AS IN OTHER REGIONS OF AFRICA."

'This is why you have regulations and sanctioned, licensed hunts/culls today.  112 years later, man is wondering what he is going to do with all the elephants and rhinoceros!!!!   The "World Zoo" is one size, and one size only.  It hasn't gotten bigger, in fact, it has gotten smaller as mankind has bred and reproduced at an alarming rate.   People who spout "endangered species", "conservation,"  etc. etc. actually don't have a clue about what it was, what it now is, and how it came to be.  The internet is full of people from my profession or fans of the circus quoting insane "fact's" making all of us look like uneducated morons.  Stop it, study and learn history.  Do yourself and my profession a favor and read every Jim Corbett book you can lay your hands on.  Educate yourself so that you can do the profession a favor, instead of shooting it in the foot every time you open your mouth.  All due respect................'


Greg May said...

This is why zoological parks and animal husbandry are priceless since these are the only places we will be able to see wildlife before too long.

Wade G. Burck said...

No, we will still be able to see wildlife in their native land's given the incredible conservation effort's, importantly including licensed hunt's and culling. Will it be "wild, as nature intended?" Naw, it won't, but only a very, very small portion of the world is. Most all of what is left is now "managed." But is is sure a heck of a lot better then nothing, or worse yet a damn golf course or a luxury hotel/condominium complex. The selling of license's is a necessity, as is the selling/removing of surplus stock as is farming of "parts and pieces" That's the only way the world can hope to maintain a "kinda wildlife."