Monday, June 18, 2012

GGW 1977

When they talk about Baseball or Football being "a different game back then," just like the Circus yes, it truly was "a different game back then.   When I was just getting my foot in the door, GGW was the man every young trainer aspired to be.


John Herriott said...

This leopard act was just not Gunthers style and never quite got off the ground. I was there for its debut that season and even Gunther was not pleased working it and it would be turned over to Henry and then sold. That was that. johnny

Wade G. Burck said...

John Milton,
That is a fact, and a very good point. When having two cage act's on a show, they have to be very different from each other, not just animal wise, but also behavior/trick wise, other wise it is just the same act with different animals. Given his skill he was able to do behaviors/tricks with the leopard's none of which were done in the tiger act.
Has anyone ever noted that GGW never had a fire hoop? That was just one effort to be different from the norm. The tiger's held a fire stick, and the leopard's jumped over one then two crossed fire stick's held by GGW. Like it or not, it was different. Most trainers build a new that that is almost identical to their last act, be cause that is their skill level. There was a lot of "comedy" in the leopard act, which I, and that is my opinion, don't think "fit" GGW's persona. David Tetzlaff copied the act almost trick for trick, and it was a success. But David wasn't GGW and the public didn't expect a certain "something" from him.
When I am finished with the new 16 tigers here in Mexico, I am going to train a lioness act for the Aguilar's to open the show, with the tigers opening the second half. I am excited about the prospect of having to come up with completely different behavior's/trick's from what the tiger's do. Sure I will copy some folks, and what has been done well in the past. That "sit up/spin around sit up" on floor plates that Dick Chipperfield did and now Martin Lacey does is hot, as is the "cage run." I wonder if it could be done at 4 point's instead of just in the front?