Monday, June 11, 2012

Dane Courty, Wisconsin

To all,

Regarding the LOSS for the circus in Dane County, WI:

When the space shuttle challenger exploded - there was silence - and the television announcer calmly stated "...obviously a major malfunction." I will never forget that. Now I have slept on the news of the ban on circus elephants in Dane County, WI - and I hope we are ready to move ahead, as did the space shuttle program....

To start with....
I am forwarding this Email (below ) - (Thank you John) which reminds us all that we need to thank those in Dane Cty who are with us and for us.

To the following Dane County Supervisors:

Jeremy Levin, District 10
Ronn Ferrell, District 15
Dennis O’Loughlin, District 20
Tim Kiefer, District 25
Kurt Schlicht, District 28
Dave Ripp, District 29
Jerome Bollig, District 31
Bob Salov, District 37
Thank you for having the courage and taking a stand on opposing the amendment to ban elephants in Dane County. It is sad to see the number of your fellow supervisors who voted in favor.  
I would also like to thank Supervisor Nick Zweifel for abstaining from voting and not going along with the crowd.
It was a sad day when this ban was passed.
John Goodall, Jr.
Board Member Circus World Museum and associate member Elephant Managers Association.

I am not certain how much the Dane Cty supervisors really studied this matter. I am assured by the leaders of the circus industry that they are assessing this piece of business and will be back to us. I anticipate that we will be back to Dane Cty in a big way. Thus - for me - and I hope for the members of the CFA's Animal Welfare Committee, and all of our friends.... This is NOT Day #1 of our loss. This is Day #1 of our campaign to educate Dane County, WI and make this right!

Thank you - all of you - spread the word with John's suggestion that we begin by thanking all of those who were with us and for us on this matter.


Warm Regards,

Gary C. Payne, Chairman
Circus Fans Association of America - Animal Welfare Committee

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