Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cucciolo Rizzi--Clyde Bros. Circus


What a wonderful, wonderful man, and an incredible athlete.  Cucciolo was performing a hysterical comedy trampoline act when I first joined Clyde Bros. Circus.  A nicer man you will never know.  He took me "under his wing" from day one and "showed me the ropes."  He and Lou Regan's tiger groom/driver Nathanial Tucker, a huge 6' 4" muscle bound African American from Shreveport, Louisiana were best friends.   On move out day Cucciolo, in his custom built Winnebago, with the brake and gas pedal extended up so that he could reach them, would "caravan" with myself and Lou driving the elephant truck and Tucker driving the tiger truck.  I want to tell you, that "motley crew" raised a lot of eyebrow's when old grey haired Lou Regan, myself,  6' 4' Mandingo Tucker, and 4 ' Cucciolo would walk into a truck stop restaurant!!!!!!  I think about Cucchie often with his ever present cigar, little tiny mustache, and beautiful sense of humor.  A man more then worthy of "Circus Legend" status. 

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