Friday, June 1, 2012

Circus Wagon History

Are either of these wagons in existence today?


Hal Guyon said...

I believe both of these were also lost in the Rochester fire.

FLINT said...

You are correct Hal. The Fielding built Statue Corner Tab in the background and the US Motorized Hippo Tab (originally on a Kelly-Springfield truck chassis) were both lost in the Cole Bros. Rochester winterquarters fire on Feb. 20, 1940.

Incidentally, this photo is from 1939, the only year the Statue Corner Tab was painted red while on Cole Bros.

Wade G. Burck said...

Gosh, it seems some of the most beautiful of these wagons have been lost forever, and we are left with that Arthur Bros. nonsense. :) Cage/animal wagons, naturally are among my favorites. When I first read your comment, I got excited at the word "hippo" and thinking "hippo den/wagon quick clicked on the picture. It didn't look like the traditional "hippo den" with the dropped bottom water pool. I reread your comment and realized "hippo tab." Why "hippo" tab? Is that a hippo in the upper left? I can't quite make it out. Or was there a hippo carved somewhere else on the body?