Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ringling Bros.--Making Sure They Don't Duffer Out 1984


dpowhitetiger said...

The late Pete Cimini on the right side of the camel..

Micah said...

Looks like these camels have a history and it's all hands on deck. Wade do you know if they were part of an act that year or just lead stock?

Micah Williams

Wade G. Burck said...

I should have known you would note the excess "hardware," even without myself pointing it out. :) If I recall, technically they were not even lead stock. They were kept in the stable, and sold later that year. We have often heard it said that "GGW got first pick of any new animals." While that is a fact, and as it should have been, on the "flip" side of the coin, often GGW was asked to take something, normally hoof stock that had been a problem on the other show, as a last minute solution, before having to sell it. In fact, two of the draft horse's and one of the mini's for the "big and little act" I trained in 1993, were originally "kick outs" from the Blue show, which went to GGW, and he was glad to "return" them to the Blue show when I arrived. :)