Monday, May 21, 2012

What The Hell Is Going On Here????

A brass, lifetime pass to Cole Bros. Circus, Brass pass was a promotional item Bev Kelley created to hand out to the media. Bev had managed to crash President Truman’s 1949 inaugural by planting a Cole Bros. steam calliope in the parade.

Rare Collection of F. Beverly Kelley Circus Documents Offered for ...

Photo - Cole Bros. America is the second of two surviving 1903 ...


Bobby, Flint, Goodall, one of you, or somebody need's to get here quick because I am getting ill, and my head is starting to ache.  I am sitting in central Mexico with p*ss poor internet service, and I am coming up with this nonsense!!!!!!  The link above is broken so it's of no help.  Why do these two wagon's look the same, but very different.  How many of these bloody things were there????  Did they take the flower looking things out of the wagon above, and add bars to make the wagon below????  Why are they painted two different colors????  Why are they different from the last one below at Baraboo????  How come the one below has the same people on it, and the same bars, but different eagle/banner deals then the last one at Baraboo ????  Jesus, how do you guy's put up with this insanity?????

 Originally built in 1902 as a tableau wagon and modified ca. 1920.

 Manufacturing & Restoration - Morecraft Manufacturing


Bob Cline said...

The basic answer to your question is that there is only one of these wagons called the America in this series.

True there are several changes in these configurations but it is still the same wagon.

Just to really confuse matters, I'll send you a photo of the original configuration.


Wade G. Burck said...

Confuse away, it can't get more mucked up then it is. I wish I had just admired these beautiful wagon's from afar, and let it go at that. But no, I had to see what I could find out about them, and that is a real murky world.


Ryan Easley said...

That's my problem too...

Wade G. Burck said...

I am sure there are time's when you wish you had just left the "elephant deal" alone. I often times feel that way about circus wagons. As the title say's half the time as I attempt to learn something, I end up thinking, "what the hell is going on here." :) Such was/is the unregulated, no rules/no laws world of the circus.