Friday, May 18, 2012

Strombergs Exotic Pet's and Chick Catalog

 bear cubs for $250.00

Anybody who still questions why there was a need for some sort of regulation(granted before it got way out of whack, like most good intentions) hasn't studied their history.  Who remembers the Stromberg Exotic Pet Catalog?  Who had a Stromberg's?  I did. ordered on of the first copies when it came out in 1969 for the low cost of .50.   I studied it, looked at it, dog eared it, circled what I wanted, and erased it when I changed my mind and wanted something else.  I recall they had zebra colts for $3500.00 and buffalo calves for $2500.00.  Dali's anteater was a little over $100.00.   I actually contacted the company about one of their wooley monkeys, inquiring if they thought fringe from a Roy Rogers Gold Eagle shirt(which I assumed my mother would make for me) would scare the little chap.   The company was kind enough to write back saying they didn't think so, and I could dress him in just about anything I wanted, as he enjoyed dressing up.  Wiser heads prevailed(plus I never had the big funds) and my father ended up loaning me 50.00 to buy a mule colt instead.

The company is still in business today, but only dealing with poultry/fowl and supplies.  In the interesting bio of the founder of the company Loyl Stromberg, there is nary a mention of the "exotic animal" branch of the company in the early day's.  You have to wonder if they are distancing themselves from the fact?  Live and learn, don't sweep it under a rug.

Baby Chicks, Poultry Supplies, Incubators, Brooders at Stromberg's ...

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Anonymous said...

I was going through a box of old papers and "stuff" and came across a copy of their catalog that I ordered at least 35 years ago. I put it in my archives.
Bob Momyer

Wade G. Burck said...

Great find, I still have my original copy also. Best "literary" material that could be had for only .50.