Saturday, May 12, 2012

Blond Porpoises???

Does anyone know any more about these "blond" porpoises, or know of any others?  I have never heard of them.  Does anyone have a picture of one?  The "champagne" lion's get less and less unique as time goes by.......


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Greg May said...

NEVIN STEWART of Steinhatchee, Florida observed a group of bottlenose dolphins in the northern Gulf of Mexico while shrimp fishing that had an unusual coloration. In 1965 he netted a female and sold her to Marineland of Florida. 'Lily Champagne' was the blonde cheerleader of Marineland's Porpoise School for almost two decades as she executed a sensational two-and-a-half turn somersalt during the show. Nevin captured and sold two more blondes
to Marineland a few years later, 'Rusty' and 'Big Boy'. 'Rusty' was Marineland's 'blonde beach boy' in the Porpoise Stadium show where he rode a surfboard and caught a frisbee. Marineland tried to breed him so he alternated between the Porpoise Stadium and the community tank. The photo of King of Aquaria feeding the dolphin on the article, 'A Year of Reunion For Two Worlds Of The Sea' at is that of 'Rusty'. Before the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 was passed, Nevin Stewart was selling dolphins to anyone who could pay $300 or $700 a pair."