Monday, May 21, 2012

John Milton Herriott America's African Elephant Master :)

 I would sure love to "pop a top" with you next month at Showfolks, Col.  Unfortunately,  I'll just have to toast you with a Corona from Mexico.

This is one of the new Anderson Bean Boots and they are made out of Elephant Hide. For those of you that Don't know the elephant is one of the most durable exoctic leatherrs that we have access to. The hide is only available at certain times and these are all legal and controlled skins. The herds become endangered as far as having enough area for the herd to live on and survive. The people that know these things come in and say reduce this herd by 5% or whatever # so they will be able to survive on the land that is reserved for them.  Anderson Bean

The Lucchese Bark Elephant boot is for the real deal cowboys out there. This flashy, yet sophisticated boot is well made with bark elephant skin and high quality leather, so these boots will last forever. The orange trimming adds excitement and it's square toe fit is a favorite among cowboys everywhere.  499.95

Hand Made Tex Robbins elephant boots

My 34 year old elephant boots.  Tell me it's not a durable skin, if properly cared for!!!!!!  Bought in 1978 for 400.00, I was offered 1000.00 cash last year for them.  If there is one thing true in this world it is that "they don't make them like they used to."  Fact.

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