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Go Dave!!!!!! You Da Man!!!!!!

David Orr thanking Christina Aiuto in Congressman vVrn Buchanan's office for his statement in support of WCD. 2012. 

David P. Orr
Legislature Visits - April 25, 2012
Washington, DC

9:15 am D. P. Orr met J. Galvin at Capital Hill Club Lobby

10:00 am House Agriculture Committee Staff Majority Rep. F. Lucas R-OK-03, aide’s office. W/ Mike Fouraker, Director Ft. Worth Zoo. (J. Galvin / D.P. Orr)

10:30 am Rep. Bill Shuster R-PA-09 - Met with Jamie Boone Biondi, Senior Legislative Assistant. Subjects: H-2B Work Program, HR-3359 Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act., Briefing on animals and circus
in Rep. Shuster’s District. Three information packets referencing the briefings were left with Senior Assistant. Julie A. McWright, Mgr. of Legislative Affairs Government Relations Feld Entertainment explained HR-4122 Big Cats and Public Protection Safety Act. Julie pointed out the rationale for opposition to HR-4122. Julie left her HR-4122 packet with the aide.

11:00 am Rep. Dennis A. Ross R-FL-12 - Subject: Multi Species Stamp, Fredrick Piccolo, Jr. Chief of Staff met with us. I met Rep. Ross when he arrived in the office during our meeting. (Galvin/Orr)

11:45 am Lunch - Capitol Hill Club ( J. Galvin, J. McWright, D. P. & S.M. Orr)

1:00 pm International Conservation Caucus Foundation Meeting - Peacock Café, Georgetown. David Baron, President chaired. Mile Fouraker, Director Ft.Worth Zoo and two zoo aides attended. Other Caucus members floated in and out of the meeting. Mike has requested funds for some of their outreach programs. Extremely interesting. I learned the global degree of the Ft. Worth Zoo programs. (Galvin/Orr)

2:30 pm Sen. John Cornyn R-TX-Jr. Met with Kristina Thompson, Legislative Assistant. Subject: HR-4122 Big Cats and Public Protection Safety Act. In attendance: J. Galvin, Julie McWright, D.P. & S.M. Orr)

3:30 pm Rep. Steve Southerland R-FL-02 Subject: HR-4122 Big Cats, HR-3359 Traveling Exotic Act. ( J. Galvin, J. McWright, D.P. Orr & S.M. Orr)

4:00 pm Rep. Vern Buchanan, R-FL-13 Met Christina Aiuto Legislative Assistant in Rep. Buchanan’s Office. Buchanan’s Office is knowledgeable of HR-3359 and HR-4122. Distinct 13 covers Sarasota, Venice, Bradenton, Englewood and Arcadia. Rep. Buchanan’s Office has been responsive to letters and e-mails regarding HR-3359. In attendance were: J.Galvin, J. McWright, D.P.Orr & S.M.Orr.

COMMENTS: I wish to thank Joan Galvin and OABA for making my visit to Capital Hill highly educational. I can see as the industry is faced with increased legislative and regulatory challenges in cities and states, we must have representation on Capital Hill. I like the direction that OABA has chosen through grassroots lobbying. Sharon and I were both impressed by the need for legislative representation.

Published Sources

Ref: OABA Midway Marquee 2012 - Page 1 President’s Message Robert W. Johnson - You continue to let us know that the most important reasons you joined the OABA were to:* have representation in regulatory and legal matters affecting our

Ref: OABA Midway Marquee 2012 - Page 21 Joan Galvin, Esq. Animal Exhibitors Alliance “Being the Best We Can Be” In the mobile amusement industry, we are impacted daily by a barrage of regulatory and legal requirements at federal, state, local - and yes, sometimes even international level.


OABA Circus Fund

Circus Fund donations are used to help the OABA maintain the right of circuses and USDA licensed performing animal owners to provide Americans with educational exhibits and performances of exotic animals. Funds allow the Association to hire professionals to assist with legislative and regulatory challenges that threaten our members’ businesses.


 As a special thank you for your minimum donation of $25 to this most important fund, you will receive a beautiful 2012/2013 White Tiger lapel pin. Contact the OABA to request previous years’ pins from the collection, as they may also be available.
Those who contribute at least $25 will be listed in our Circus Fund Contribution Report for one month in the ShowTime magazine. Donors of $50 or more will be listed in our Annual Contribution list published in the Midway Marquee Directory and listed every month in ShowTime.

2012 Circus Fund Contributions

Circus Producers Association 1,000
The Hawthorne Corp. 1,000
Kathleen Nelson 1,000
2012 CFA Convention 565
Forepaugh Lubin Tent #2 539
Carson & Barnes Circus 500
OABA Tampa Circus Meeting 310
John E. Hart, Jr. – in honor of CFA President Clark Beurlen 250
National Showmens Association 250
Adam & Elaine Burck 200
Edward Limbach 200
Patricia Zerbini 200
George A. Hamid Tent #109 150
Barbara Moore 120
Felix Adler-Paul Binder Tent No. 12, CFA 100
Paul & Diane Gutheil – in honor of Struppi Hanneford 100
Joyce & Joanne Rucci 60
Constance & Richard Thomas 60
Kenneth Holehouse 50
Gail Czina 40
Fred Dulac 30
Alan R. Cunniff 25
Richard Nelson 25
Ron Vedder 20
Misc. Contributors 325

TOTAL $7,119

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