Monday, May 7, 2012

Cole Bros. Hippo Wagon


Richard Reynolds said...

This is the former John Robinson (1929-30)and Hagenbeck Wallace (1932-37) hippo den. It went to Cole in 1940 from RBBB/Peru after Cole's Rochester WQ fire - -Richard Reynolds

Anonymous said...

Wade- This wagon actually started out on the John Robinson Circus about 1929. It was #30 on that show. After Robinson closed it was put on Hagenbeck-Wallace for 1931 thru 1937. It sat at the ACC Farm 1938 & 1939. After the disastrous Rochester Winterquarters fire in February 1940 it was sold to Cole Bros. Circus, along with Chester (hippo) and assigned #19.

Wade G. Burck said...

RJR or Flint,
Is it still around today, or has it gone by the wayside?