Monday, May 7, 2012

Cole Bros. and Clyde Beatty Circus

When was the show title changed from Cole Bros. Clyde Beatty to Clyde Beatty Cole Bros.  and why?

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Bob Cline said...

The Cole Bros. Circus was a start-up in 1935. Clyde Beatty was one of their feature presentations. He stayed with them for a couple years, losing out on paychecks as the show struggled.

In 1938, after not getting paid for a while, he took three elephants as back wages, Anna May ( Not Buckles ) Mary and Sidney. Beatty then went on to many different shows for a couple years eventually owning his own Clyde Beatty Circus by 1945.

In 1959, the Clyde Beatty Circus again combined wih the Cole Bros. title to remain as the Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus until 2004 when Johnny Pugh dropped the Clyde Beatty title.