Friday, May 25, 2012

Clyde Beatty Circus 1935


Bob Cline said...

If this is indeed 1935, then its Cole Bros. Circus. Clyde Beatty and Allen King were featured performers.

Hal Guyon said...

The car in the background is a later model then the 30`s. My guess is that it may be The Clyde Beatty - Russell Bros Circus or Clyde Beatty - Wallace Bros.
The trucks are painted white and as far as I know all Cole Bros or Clyde Beatty rail shows had the wagons painted red. Dave 'Ole Whitey' Price, jump in anytime and correct me if I`m wrong.

Greg May said...

There is an ordinance on the lawbooks of Florida that says if you leave your elephant tied to a parking meter, you must feed the meter just as you would with a car. (From 'Strange But True Florida' by Lynne. L. Hall.)