Saturday, May 12, 2012


'Kay' the Pilot Whale (Globicephala scammoni) was the biggest star at Marineland of Florida from 1965 - 1976.

During her 11-year run she performed six shows daily in Marineland's oceanfront Porpoise Stadium.

Kay will always be remembered for the day she fell out of her holding tank while watching the dolphin show in the adjacent show pool.   

The sleek, 17-ft. cetacean celebrity climaxed her 'doctor skit' with a spectacular full-length jump which was made all the more remarkable since she was jumping from a water depth of only nine feet.
Courtesy of King of Aquaria, Greg May

'Due respect King, while I can't vouch for the dental patient, I don't think the whale depicted jumping is Kay.(See below.)  I learned a valuable lesson about covering my tanks when I arose one morning to find one of my beautiful leopard spotted male guppy's laying on the shelf looking like a salted smelt.  As I am looking with disbelief the female I hope to bred him with, flopped out of the tank beside him.  Luckily, I prevented her "suicide" and got her back in the tank.'

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Greg May said...

The King of Aquaria stands to be corrected! I guess when I feature 'Bubbles' from Marineland of the Pacific on CC I will look for an early photo since that cetacean celebrity was actually one of thirteen pilot whales that performed under that name at Marineland from 1957 until closing! Your guppy story should be sent to FORTEAN TIMES. My friend from UK Martyn Jackson just had a story published in FT about the high suicide rate among cricket players.