Sunday, May 13, 2012

Buffalo Bill--Horse Whisperer



'Buffalo Bill had a number of personal horse's that he rode, supposedly 11.  He is probably best known mounted on a grey Arabian horse named Muson, last picture.  He also rode another bigger, plainer grey horse named McKinley and Tucker the horse, I think in the 4th picture.  One of his horse's was named Charly.  Does anyone know if "Charly" is the bay horse in the first three pictures?  Charly died on a sea crossing, and was wrapped in an American flag and lowered into the ocean.
     Before becoming a Wild West producer he had a horse named Tall Bull which he "stole" after the Battle of Summit Springs, Colorado Territory in 1889.  Though a controversial exploit, the standard version is that Buffalo Bill spotted a fine horse that an Indian sub-chief named Tall Bull was riding, killed the Indian from ambush and took his mount. Cody named the steed Tall Bull, ran it in a number of private races, and won a considerable amount of prize money.
    He also had a horse named Buffalo Bill(whom he took the name from), which he used for buffalo hunting.  Bill loaned him to the Russian Grand Duke for hunting trips.  He had a horse creatively named Ta- Ra- Ra-Ra- Boom-de-ay in the Wild West bucking stock string.'

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