Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ziggy and Jumbo II

From RJR:

This animal was a Hagenbeck African - as a punk. He went first to Detroit zoo and then to Cole Bros.
He contracted TB and died after the end his 2nd season on Cole (1936).

Jack Badal sent me this photo…not sure how he acquired it…a copy?
of Jumbo II 1935 in Rochester Indiana winter quarters for Cole Bros Circus, featuring Clyde Beatty.

Courtesy of Mark Rosenthal

Another picture from Jack Badal (worked at Lincoln Park, Brookfield and Los Angeles zoo) who received this from Slim Lewis…I assume you have seen this photo of "Ziggy" more than once but thought i would share it. I had the opportunity while at Lincoln Park to bring Slim in for a lecture. I video taped his presentation…

Courtesy of Mark Rosenthal

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