Sunday, April 1, 2012

Vintage St. Louis Zoo




Jim A. said...

The elephant's name at the Zoo was Joyti. She was sold the Ringling in 1966. Hugo came over from the nearby Arena, collar chained her to don't know and off they went to the world of the circus. The older gentleman with the dark cap was Floyd Smith, the Zoo's long-time elephant trainer, the redhead was Barry Schieffer from the Children's Zoo.

The bird act was Lee Mendel's in 1970. I was to begin the Sea Lion show but it was looking shakey. Lee's father had been head keeper of birds at the Zoo and he had presented the bird show at Grant's Farm. They got a few birds from around the Zoo and brought a few more. Wasn't much of an act but more than my sea lions. It only lasted a year but he got a postcard. 35 years and I didn't even get a freak'in postcard. After two years at Disney I was on a poster that was displayed backstage all over the Park. (But the Zoo paid better.)

Wade G. Burck said...

Quit whining, didn't you get the Alexander Fountain at Sea lion Plaza? That ace's a postcard.