Saturday, April 14, 2012

Unusual and Beautiful Horse Coats

How about that fancy parade saddle, John Milton. :)

2012 Gypsy Rennasiance Faire is on AUGUST 11th and 12th..You will see the finest array of stallions in the gypsy breed all in one stop..SD Jim~SD William~SD Flash Harry plus Desert Jewels's SD Black Jack~Apollo~Flash & Cielo Celeste's St Clarins~Sir Keith~Blue Mountain Tiger+stunning palomino AQHA Colonels Golden Magic..You will be entertained by musicians~shop til you drop @ our guest boutiques~a charity for the Gypsy Rescue and Rehme Foundation, raffle and costume award~plus a catered supper and to top it off live musicians and the icing on the cake, a ONCE IN A LIFETIME performance by the icon Dianne Olds Rossi and her magical perfomring stallions~the following day we will offer a rare chance to learn from the great Dianne Olds Rossi and the incomperable halter champion trainer and breeder, coming in from Godley Texas~ Stacey Sample~ offering expertise in 2 clinics. $65.00 per person. Do not miss this event and you must 805 688 8020 or are limited to 400 guests. 1 member of a group is a free guest and if bringing a group..$25.00 per for the 11th..

A silver dapple tobiano Gypsy Vanner stallion

A silver buckskin Akhal Teke

The Akhal-Teke typically has a marvelous metallic glow to his coat. This is caused by the structure of the hair; the opaque core is very reduced in size and may in areas be altogether absent. The transparent part of the hair (the medulla) takes up this space, and acts like a light-pipe, bending light through one side of the hair and refracting it out the other side, often with a golden cast.


Greg May said...

KING OF AQUARIA says: "Wade, I think it's wonderful that you created this extraordinary website that also pays homage to the men and women that made their living entertaining!"

Dianne Olds Rossi said...

My mouth waters for these fabulous colors....Now if one looked like Chewy Wowza!

Wade G. Burck said...

Madame Col.,
As long as your mouth waters, that's fine. But don't hold your breath waiting to find something with fabulous color that physically looks like Fire Magic. You will be dead first. I have looked at a boat load of Friesian's the past year, and haven't seen one with the machismo, chingon or presence that Chew possesses. I am afraid he is one of those "once in a life time deals." He "IS" Noble Horse......