Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Question For Left Wingers. So What Is Wrong With Water Boarding In the Scheme Of National Security????

 A YOUNG woman agreed to be tortured in full public view to try and end animal testing.

 Jacqueline Traide, 24, was dragged, tied prodded, force fed and subjected to all manner of cruelty in front of hundreds of shoppers, Mail Online reports.

Jaqueline endured ten hours of injections, being smothered in different lotions, having her hair shaved and irritants being squirted into her eyes as part of a world wide campaign by Lush and The Humane Society International.
The stunt took place in a Lush store window on London's Regent Street, one of the UK's busiest shopping precincts.
Passers-by were stunned by the display, with many stopping to take photos and record the gruesome spectacle with their phones.
The Humane Society says animals are routinely tested in this manner for make-up and perfumes.

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