Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Paramount Studios To Make New Movie Based On The Ringling Bros.


 The movie's story will be set in the present day?   I don't get this.  Why in the world would it be set in the present day?

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Mike Naughton said...

The comment above courtesy of Mike Naughton is from Wade just for the record.

Bjorn said...

According to a Danish circus site, Benny Berdino director of the Danish circus Arena said in an TV interview that Ringling Bros. is intrested in getting Rene Cassely and his family plus animals to the U.S.A. On a morde sadder note acording to a german circus site Colonel Joe is curently standing at Sonny Frankello's elephant farm in Platshow Germany, his trainer James Puydebois is staying with him. Apperntly the Colonel got an allergic reaction to some kind of injection. He is now at Sonny's farm to recover. What the situation is with the rest of herd I don't know they are on tour with Krone but are not in the show.

Wade G. Burck said...

Yeah, but you wonder the same thing don't you?


Wade G. Burck said...

Interesting. Ringling would possibly want them for the smaller Gold Unit. That is a tough deal about Colonel. I wonder what kind of reaction it was, and what he was injected with. I hope he will recover and be as good as new.


John Herriott said...

So sad the news of Krone elephants and especially Joe. He is as much a part of American circus as he is in Europe, so we are all very concerned. The Rex Williams family sure had some fabulous remembrance when he was part of tbheir lives. In my short time with Vargas I remember him well. Ava and a tiger bon him in spec, etc. Too bad he was kind of whisked away before we were aware. So be it. I hope he recovers.

Sounds interesting about the Casserelly family and animals coming here. They are marvelous acts and performers, but I am no fan of the longevity of African Elephants and will be interested in observing them here in USA. I would wonder also if those European "caravans" could make the American jumps. They will find that Flying Js are not an airline, but might enjoy getting acquainted with circus folks from Cardin and Jordan that they might meet during quick coffee breaks in those [places. The jumps from like Frozen Prong, North Dakota to Cacus City, New might be disheartening, but what and give up Showbiz.

Wade G. Burck said...

John Milton,
In my last comment I was going to suggest that if the Cassely's did come here, and had problems with the elephants, they could probably contact John Herriot, America's African elephant "go to guy", but I didn't want to agitate. Then you turn around and come at me with "Frozen Prong, North Dakota!!!!!" What's up with that, Land of 10,000 lakes? Frozen damn lakes, I might add!!!!

I had to catch that tiger you mention, one day when he jumped off Joe at the back door. I didn't want to, after all he wasn't my tiger, but when he hit the ground, every one lined up for spec, just naturally turned and looked at me. My brother Mike and I caught him(he still had his collar and chain on) and after waiting for about 15 min. for Rex to come with a cage and get him, I finally had my brother go to see where the hell Rex was at. My brother returned to where I was standing, trying to stay at the end of the rope and said, "Rex is saddling the elephants for the rides, and can't come get him now. He said for you just to bring him around back, and put him back in his cage." Rex never did get too excited or worked up over anything. :) Yeah, it was quite a surprise when Joe disappeared across the big pond.