Friday, April 20, 2012

Jayne Mansfield: Florida or Bust!--By Greg May

Owen Goodwin, owner Gatorland Zoo. Wasn't he Dave Hoover's "angel" for the ill fated Barnes Circus?

Website for this image Florida Alligator Farms


Greg May said...

KING OF AQUARIA says: "Thank you so very much for your promotion of the article about Jayne Mansfield on your website! And Mark McHugh -president and CEO of GATORLAND thanks you for the wonderful promotion of the legendary Florida attraction. One of the reasons for my fascination with Jayne was that she was so cooperative when it came to publicity and promotion. Whenever she would take her kids to a zoo or an oceanarium - yes, Jayne loved Marinieland of the Pacific - she would always pose for photos with the animals. Unfortunately, this almost caused the death of her son, Zoltan, in 1966."

Wade G. Burck said...

It's show business. You do all the promotion and publicity that you possibly can find, then you beg for some more. Some folks have been able to hang some pretty outrageous paper in regard's to their talents/skills just by making themselves available.


Greg May said...

KING OF AQUARIA says: "And thank God it's in my blood (show business, that is)"