Friday, April 27, 2012

Franklin Zoo Elephant Update

It could cost up to $1 million to get Mila the elephant to a Californian sanctuary, according to SPCA executive director Bob Kerridge.
But whether the animal will end up flying to the US or be put down has yet to be decided.
Zookeeper Helen Schofield was crushed to death by Mila at Franklin Zoo.

Ms Schofield had entered the enclosure in an effort to calm her down after Mila was seen acting erratically.
'Recall "acting erratically" was preceded by "throwing dust at the trainer....."

'And for all you fan's of the nitwit Jan Creamer ADI and her much elaborated "tazer demonstrations/theory's,' It then rushed toward Ms Schofield after reportedly brushing its tail on an electric fence.

 When she tried to run away, Ms Schofield tripped.(Or was she knocked down?)  She was picked up by Mila before being dropped and crushed.  'Crushed meaning "head stand" which is a deliberate, pre-meditated action.'

Mila’s fate is now up in the air as the SPCA decides whether to transport her to the Performing Animal Welfare Society sanctuary in California, or put her down.
Mr Kerridge says the SPCA is currently in discussions with sanctuary officials, who say they will still take the elephant.
Founded in 1984 by former Hollywood animal trainer Pat Derby, PAWS describes itself as a sanctuary that is dedicated to protecting abused, abandoned and retired captive wildlife, as well as caring for former performing animals.
Mr Kerridge says the SPCA does not have experience in transporting large animals like Mila and will turn to specialists in determining what is best for the elephant.
“Experts will assess if she is ready, and if it is the right thing to do.”
Mr Kerridge says it was always in the long-terms plans to eventually send Mila to a sanctuary where she could live in a herd.

 Courtesy of Henry Schroer


Anonymous said...

Wade, I was wrong Gerald Iles didn't found the Monarchist League, but he may have been its president at one point. The Montreal Zoological Society created the Montreal Aquarium which was part of Expo '67 and has since closed. I remember visiting that aquarium as a child. Sincerely Paul

Wade G. Burck said...

I wasn't aware that Montreal had an aquarium at one point. Thank you for the information. It's a good day, I learned something new.


Ryan Easley said...

Is Bobby ready??