Tuesday, April 3, 2012

For Greg May--Enoshima Marineland

Marineland of the Pacific

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Steel Pier Atlantic City, 1959

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There are a couple of photo's of 6 Orca working together, 5 adults and one young with three of them identified as Kalia, Kasatka, and Corky. Do you know where that park is at?


Enoshima Marineland 1971

Enoshima Marineland 1982

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Here's all I could find in my files on Enoshima, not much but it is what it is. The website above is in a language that I am not familiar with, which makes navigating it difficult.


Greg May said...

KING OF AQUARIA says: "I'll bet my crown that photo of the six orcas performing together was from Sea World in San Diego. The clue was Corky - she had been purchased by Sea World along with her mate, Orky, from Marineland of the Pacific. Don't get me started on that! Orky was 26 feet long and weighed 14,000 pounds when he died at Sea World. What happened to Marineland of the Pacific is one of the saddest stories in the marine animal park business.

And Bless Your Heart for the photos of Enoshima Marineland . . .too bad there isn't much out there. The photo tagged 1971 shows the tank that was the largest ever built. This one outdid even the largest oceanariums in the United States."

Jim A. said...

The group of Killer Whales working together was very likely Sea World San Diego. I'm going by whale names. Corky was originally at Marineland of the Pacific and produced a few calves, none survived very long. Hartcourt Brace Jovanovich purchased Marineland when they owned Sea World - the word was mainly to get the breeding whales.

Wade G. Burck said...

What is the "real" story of Marineland of the Pacific?

You are good, my friend but the King aced you by 2 hrs. and 45 min. Now you know how I feel going mano a mano against RJR. :) Interesting about the breeding whales. How many were there, pairs, trios? How would the cost of a breeding pair of Killer Whales compare to the cost of a breeding pair of elephants? Any idea?


Wade G. Burck said...

Addendum to King,
I contacted a top zoo professional in Japan, who is our "go to guy" on anything captive Asian/zoo animals. If we are lucky, he may come up with something, but it may take a while:

Greetings Ken,
I have been searching for any photo's of the old Enoshima Marineland which supposedly had the largest tank ever built in a marine park. I can find virtually nothing on the old park and thought you might be the right person to contact for help. Anything you can offer in the way of advice or source's for picture's of old Enoshima Marineland would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,
Wade Burck

Dear Wade:
Thanks for yours. The tank in the old Enoshima Marineland (1957) was really an outdoor pool for toothed whales, oblong-shaped, 1,000 square meters (surface area) and 3-5 meter deep. Frankly I don't know that was the world's largest or not; we'd have to check the records of Florida Marineland and the Marineland of the Pacific. Sorry to say I don't have any photos. I can check with an aquarium historian in that area but it will take time.
All the best for now, Ken

Greg May said...

KING OF AQUARIA says: "Now the sad photo of that dolphin in that narrow 'tank' was from Steel Pier in Atlantic City, NJ. Wouldn't you know it but tonight I was in Barnes & Nobles Bookstore and that photo was on my mind . . . just then I spied a book all about the history of the Steel Pier and there was a 'postcard picture' of an elephant seal named 'Goliath' that was displayed there that weighed 6000 lbs.!"

Bjorn said...

King is that the same Goliath that toured with Ringling?