Sunday, April 15, 2012

For The Curator, With No Disrespect To The Late, Great Daisy Mae. 2 Heads, 3 mouths, And 3 Tongues.

I responded to your comment on the "history channel" in regards to Maude, but I guess it was deemed unseemly as it landed in the shredder. Ironic, that this deal was started a number of years ago to thwart that kind of false, self serving history. Some one once said if you hid from the past, you will have no future. Current ticket sales seem to bear that out.


Jim Zajicek said...

What a Beautiful specimen!! Thanks Wade..

Jim Zajicek said...

Oh, and what was your reply to my Maude comment?...

curiosity has got the 5 legged Goat..

Wade G. Burck said...

I said that possibly Maude's "slowness" wasn't because of her attitude. If she was retired in 81 as Roger stated, maybe she did have arthritis or another physical problem. Or maybe she was just tired of being "with it and for it." It wouldn't be a stretch to think that after she came to Hawthorn, John Cuneo would have said, "nonsense, there is nothing wrong with her. Of course she can work in an act." I recall an elephant being taken off the road because she stampeded another elephant through a car dealership showroom, only to be put back on the road years later, and stampeded another elephant through a church. I also recall another elephant spending her later life in a protected contact situation because she had killed someone, only to have people who were there at the time say, "it wasn't her, it was Pete who killed the girl. We blamed Frieda so Pete wouldn't be taken off the road."
There was a lot about the profession, because of isolated individual's that wasn't noble.