Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chapultepec Zoo Visit--Old Elephant House Front Pool Side View

The main reason for going to the zoo was to see this unique "zoological monster" in case it is decided to raze it, which would be a shame. Chapultepec's remaining elephant has been moved to it's sister zoo, San Juan de Aragon Zoo. The facility's don't look much different, but my understanding is the "companion" card was played to get the elephant moved.

The Circus "NO SPIN ZONE": Aragon Zoo Mexico City

The complex now house's a dozen or zoo eland, whom I guess don't rate the same consideration as does an elephant. But apparently the exhibit changes, because last week Jorge Carosco, the sea lion training with Circo Atayde(Aguilar) went to the zoo with his family and there were two giraffe in the exhibit. Oddly, they must have moved out the giraffe and moved in the eland within the past week. Truthfully, the eland looked as ridiculous at the elephant's once did in front of this building, and my suggestion is that they turn it into a "Chapultepec Elephant History Museum" showcasing a unique piece of zoological architecture, instead of trying to make it right for some other animal.

Stock Exchange in the back ground.

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