Monday, April 16, 2012

Can Anybody Give Me The Legal Definition of Discrimination, Prejudice, and Bias???

Cavalia Horses Return To St. Louis After Storm

Cavalia extends its St. Louis run through April 16

Horses and humans dazzle at Cavalia in St. Louis

'In the top link, I don't see any, not one,
City of St. Louis Animal Control Officer's monitoring
the loading and unloading of the Cavalia horse's.
I wonder why St. Louis feels they need to
monitor, on the tax payer's nickle, the loading and
unloading of Ringling Bros. animals, but don't
feel the same scrutiny is necessary for other
performing animals? I wonder where peta was at?
What started out with good intentions years ago,
and was beneficial, as with all good intentions,
simple mind's have now turned
into an extremely prejudicial witch hunt.'

The Circus "NO SPIN ZONE": City's animal control officers monitor Ringling elephants

The Circus "NO SPIN ZONE": St. Louis officials clear Ringling circus animals for performances

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Casey Gibbs said...

Because they get more press of coarse ! Stick a Feather in their hats but i say stick it else where.