Friday, March 2, 2012

Who is who?




Identified as "Fritz" Berlin, Germany 1900

Horrible skin on Columbus. You could sure tell when an elephant was in winter quarters "back in the day," and stood in a small barn/building most likely heated by a wood burning stove without moisture or proper ventilation, and given the insanity, for what ever reason that so many of the winter quarters were in the cold northern states where the elephants probably never saw a bath for months at a time.

I am not taking shots at a "sacred cow", I am just asking, so please, don't anybody be afraid to offer insight. :) Again, could the elephant identified as "Fritz" in the ring in Berlin in 1900 not be "Fritz?" All photo's I have seen of "Fritz" indicate he had fairly straight tusks, with the exception of of the second photo, where it appears his right tusk is turned in. Could it have broken at the base when he fell to that side, making it appear "turned in?" The elephant identified as "Fritz" in Berlin has larger ball's on the end of his tusks, plus the left tusk is sharply upturned. Again, all photo's of "Fritz" indicate that he had "caps" or small ball's on the end of his tusks. Charlie/Columbus not only has ball's on his tusks but also an upturned left tusk like the elephant identified as "Fritz" performing in Berlin in 1900, who's ball tipped tusks appear on close examination, to be to close together like Charlie/Columbus.


Bob Cline said...

Fritz and Charlie shouldn't be confused with each other being thousands of miles apart on different shows.

According to buckles photo of the 18 Barnum & bailey elephants, Fritz is the only tusker with big ivory. That pretty much identifies him in every photo.

Perhaps it's just the angles of the photos as I can see the differences also.

Wade G. Burck said...

Your assuming the information of the 18 elephants is correct. I am not saying it is Charlie in the picture sitting up, I am saying it doesn't look like "Fritz." Look how many name changes occurred for some of these animals. I understand photo angles, but look at the photo's below of Charlie. Obviously crossed with the tips close. Look at the photo of "Fritz" drinking water, thats a pretty good side shot. His tuck's look awful straight in the picture as well as the pictures of him mounted. The only odd angle is to the right one on the side he fell down on in his death picture. Simple process to "straighten" out a broken tusk during the mounting process. You don't see odd right tusk curve in any of the other pictures.


john herriott said...

IN THOSE "OLD DAYS" YOU speak of. The elephants were feed good timothy, exercised if necessary going around bull tubs in the barn if necessary. Then singed and then "oiled" with a special mixture made for elephants by Standard Oil and the headed out for the season healthy, lice free and reaDY TO GO. nOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. tHEY THRived and we never had any losses among those herds. Now it seems they get all kinds of deseases of some sort. We fed oats and bran with a little baking soda and Harlem oil capsules if they got scoured. Guess it worked. Baking soda made the shit smell good like an elephant should. tanglefoot

Wade G. Burck said...

"Baking soda made the shit smell good like an elephant should." That's funny. :) What was that special oil that Standard prepared for "everybody" 30 or 40 weight? When I went to Carson and Barnes to pick up the babies they used "oil change" oil when they put new in the trucks. But I agree 1974 wasn't really the "old days", more the newer days. What about Circo Atayde(not Aguilar, THE Atayde Circo)in the early 2000's. What about Hall's Cellar, or Benson's in the "old days" to name just a couple. Tell me truthfully about those state of the art facilities? I haven't been around as long as you John Milton(actually with the exception of Methuselah nobody has) but I have been around long enough to have learned there were very good, good, bad, very bad, and wretched. Unfortunately for every very good there was a wretched, for every good there was two bad's and a very bad.
What hammered our industry is "EVERYBODY" got painted with a very broad brush stroke. We are all paying for the sin's of a few. I don't think we are wise to honor them anymore.

Wade Burck