Monday, March 19, 2012


This bull in the lead, looks like the same one who is number two in the bottom picture. I wonder why the swap, and why no pith helmet's in this photo? Raymond's sure liked banner advertizing, didn't they.


Bob K said...

The white helmits should be tip off.
Bob Kitto

Bob Cline said...

Its not the same elephant. The one in the bottom picture has his tusks capped with the brass balls. The pith helmets are a Ringling trait.

In 1914, the Hagenbeck-Wallace show had 7 elephants with two being males. The fact that their are only 7 elephants in the parade line-up says its not Ringling or Barnum as they wouldn't leave that many elephants on the lot. Plus the lack of pith helmets.

1914 saw Sells-Floto with 10 elephants including three males.

While the Howe's Great London Shows had 10 elephants, only one was a male.

No other shows had seven elephants in 1914 or 1915.

By 1916, the Gollmar Bros. had seven elephants but none were males.

The Al G. Barnes Circus finally had seven elephants in mid 1916 with the two babies being males.

So just as a stab in the dark here, I'm guessing you are looking at the Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus in the top picture.