Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ringling Bros Train Tragedy

The second car from the top of this photo(was it # 93?) was my home for two years. Prior to me, it was Charly and Ariceli Baumanns home for a long, long time. We lived in the half to the right of the vestibule door and Axel Gautiers family lived in the half to the left. Thankfully I and the Gautiers left the show at the end of the 1993 season about a month prior to this tragedy. To the left, formerly where the Gautiers lived, was where Ted Svertesky , who had moved in with his family was killed. Just at the end of the car is a car completely on it's side with big doors. That was the generator car where Ceslee Conkling was killed.

I don't know if John Milton recall's or not, but I was at his old place in Sarasota helping him with the Ian Garden Sr. 8 Welsh pony liberty act when we received word of the accident.

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