Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Height of Hypocrisy--Why are "Tools of Oppression" Like Collars, Chains, and Ropes Acceptable But Not For Training/Restraining Elephants?????

I note with interest the Dr. mentions a "bond" that develops between the monkey and the people they are assisting. You should feed it, water it, and train it 7 day's. I can tell you about "bonds."

Bloodhounds used to sniff out people killing elephants for ivory

An animal with a chain on, in the service of man, looking for men killing an animal that some people think shouldn't have a chain or any form of control applied to it. Shut them all down, or leave them all alone, but you have no right to discriminate and single out.

This post contains a graphic image at the bottom that some readers may find disturbing. Those few candy ass weinies may want to look away

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