Friday, March 23, 2012

For Bjorn Krebbers--Practice 3/23/2011

I got a nice email a while back from Bjorn inquiring about how the new act was coming along. It is coming along great. I think this will probably be the most enjoyable act I have ever had the pleasure and thrill of training. For the third time In my life(first time was Raul Rodrigues liberty ponies, and the second time was GGW tiger act on Ringling) I have been given anything and everything I have requested, which is as it should be. 10 males and 6 females, no junk from somebody else, just pure untouched animals. In the past I have stated that Irvin Feld and Paul Kaye were the best, most honest, fairest producer's I had ever worked with. It's ironic, but now late in my career I have to make the list 3 and add Ricardo Aguilar to it. He has the rare ability as did Irvin Feld and Paul Kaye of instilling in you such a great sense of pride, that you want to do things for them, even if it seems impossible. No demands, just requests. Rare in Show Business.

We attempted to take pictures of all 16 tigers on their seat's but in order to get all of them, Armando had to go clear to the top of the tent and shoot from the top seat making a cell phone picture pretty lousy. Sorry for that, but it was an attempt. Some day possibly someone will wander in with a good camera and have the time to take pictures. I have never taken but a few pictures of training in the past, as it has never been important in the over all scheme of things, plus you are just too busy training to take the time to photograph. When it is done there is a thing called a "publicity picture." That's when the time is taken to photograph it in it's best light.


Bjorn said...

Wow this looks brilliant, the first thing that springs to mind is the saying A picture says more than a 1000 words. Despite the fact that these are cellphone pictures, I can tell a lot from them. Don't worry I'am not going to use a thousand words to tell you what I make of them lol. What I see are A trainer who is enjoying himself, beautiful props, 16 good looking healty young tigers. as for their body language, it tells me that they are paying atention to you, even their ears are pointed in your direction. I can't wait to see how the PR.picture is going to look

Anonymous said...

Wade, this looks amazing! Can't wait to see the end result. Be safe and God bless!
Rick Faber

PS: BTW saw Ryan's presentation on K-M 2 days ago. Very nice to see the focus on the animals. No muss, no fuss , no furniture moving just nice clean tricks.

Simon De Winter said...

Wow, just beautiful!! Please anyone in the arts take an example of that Mr Aguilar ;)

vicente suma said...

Surprising this is going to be the best act of tigers in Mexico Central America and South America

vicente suma said...

Surprising this is going to be the best act of tigers in Mexico Central America and South America

Wade G. Burck said...

'Surprising????' Why? Did you expect less from me, or you never expected to see something like this in Mexico? :)